Helpful tools & resources

We’ve got a wealth of tools and resources to help you seek the opportunities you’re aspiring to reach - whether you’re starting from scratch or you already have a project underway.

Explore handy budgeting calculators and planning templates, check your compliance requirements, or find opportunities to learn, build your skills or seek advice and support.

  • 11th September 2023
    Ao Te Pō art auction catalogue
  • 1st March 2023
    Attention Generites completing: Success Steps: Compliances and Health/ safety. Attached is the H/S template you’re welcome to use and add your own info that’s relevant to your business after clicking and reading through the links provided for the health and safety success step on your dashboard. Then you can upload it on your dashboard once done.
  • 30th August 2019
    Atek Business Solutions provides real-world business learning that gets people results. Our fee-free business courses help people to develop practical skills in generating wealth, starting and growing a business.
  • 30th August 2019
    Hnry is the trusted financial sidekick for contractors or small business owners. They take care of your tax, invoicing, expenses and payments for as little as 1% of your self employed income.
  • 12th July 2019
    If you need to work on your proposal offline, you can download these blank proposal forms.
  • 8th March 2019
    Building Financial Capability (BFC) is a range of services and products that help people, families and whānau experiencing hardship to build their financial capability and resilience. BFC takes a strengths-based approach to empower people to get control of their money, set goals and achieve long-term, sustainable change.
  • 13th February 2019
    "Whether you’re in business or are just starting one, this programme will give you the skills and knowledge to build a successful business. The Certificate in Small Business and Project Management is a comprehensive programme that teaches you everything you need to start and run a business – from marketing, business planning and customer service, right through to accounting and project management."
  • 8th February 2019
    Need help to figure out your compliance requirements? Compliance Matters makes managing government compliance easy. Save valuable time and discover what requirements apply to you and your business. As well as learning more about each requirement, you can quickly create a saved list and email yourself an easy to follow checklist.
  • 7th February 2019
    Mum's Garage provides startup education and support to help people to be successful at starting a business. Most people aren't taught how to turn an idea into a reality, and it's hard to find others on a similar journey. Mum's Garage teaches people how to do this and facilitates ongoing support through the community.
  • 1st February 2019
    If you're starting your own business, WINZ may be able to help with developing a business plan, training in business skills, advice and project reports.
  • 28th January 2019
    Māori Business Growth Support is about helping Māori establish and grow their business. We do this by providing information, advice and brokering relationships.
  • 27th January 2019
    A handy list of free and affordable resources relevant to Kiwi's wanting to set up a business. Covers everything from legal and accounting resources to building your business online and managing your customers
  • 25th January 2019
    MoneyTalks is a free helpline available to provide free budgeting advice to individuals, family and whānau.
  • 22nd January 2019
    "If you’re new to being in business or self-employed, the tips below outline what's involved, from testing your idea to registering a trade mark. Have you thought enough about how to turn your idea into a great business? Test yourself with our Feasibility and Risk Checker tool on this page."
  • 18th January 2019
    Six steps to getting your finances sorted. Use the calculators, tools and resources to help you plan, budget, save and tackle debt
  • 16th January 2019
    Get a great idea off the ground. Fundraise to launch that project you've been working on. It might be a school vege garden, recording an album or purchasing equipment.
  • 16th January 2019
    There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula to write a business plan. But there are some key things you should consider. Check out our free templates — one for start-ups and a quick-focus template for growing businesses.
  • 16th January 2019
    Poutama provides business development services to Māori. Poutama invests in Māori businesses that have been operating for more than 12 months and turn over a minimum of $60,000 per year.
  • 16th January 2019
    WINZ offers some education and employment-related training may be able to help with fees for some courses.
  • 16th January 2019
    The Māori Women's Development Inc offers four sponsored two house sessions with a Coach to work with you to assess your vision, mission and aspirations for your business
  • 16th January 2019
    At Solomon Group, we’re experts in all kinds of learning, particularly for people who need to upskill, come off a benefit, or have a dream career in mind. We’re NZQA accredited, and we give you a wrap-around service with training and support for your future.
  • 16th January 2019
    Resources to help you start, grow and fund your social enterprise idea
  • 16th January 2019
    If you're starting a business and need help with essential start up costs, eg furniture or the first lot of stock, WINZ may be able to help.
  • 16th January 2019
    PledgeMe helps Kiwis turn their plans into reality with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a way of raising money from your friends, family, customers, and fans. Think of a goal and make a plan for how you’ll achieve it. Go to your crowd and ask them to pledge to your campaign. If all that support equals more than your goal, you've made it!
  • 16th January 2019
    If you want to start your own business, WINZ may be able to provide a subsidy to help with costs while you get started.
  • 16th January 2019
    "At Solomon Group, we offer support, one-to-one attention, and plenty of help and coaching. We’re your main point of contact for working out what you’ll do when you leave school. Our services are free for youth under 20, living in the following areas: Franklin, Papakura, Manurewa, Manukau, Mangere, Otara, Papatoetoe, Otahuhu, Onehunga, Ormiston, Botany, Howick, Pakuranga, Panmure, Glen Innes, Tamaki Maungakiekie or Orakei."
  • 16th January 2019
    Assistance to transition into employmenthelps people with the costs of moving into a job.
  • 16th January 2019
    In this course, you’ll work on self-development, confidence, self-esteem and motivation. We’ll help you overcome anything that may prevent you from getting a job.
  • 16th January 2019
    You have a great idea and want to start a business. But do you have what it takes to make it a success? Every year, more new small businesses fail than succeed. But that shouldn’t stop you — test your idea and yourself by answering these questions.