Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of questions that people often ask us. If you have a question that is not listed here, feel free to contact us directly.

How much seed funding can I apply for and how many success steps?

The Generator grants up to $2000 for a trial, $3000 for an individual project and $5000 for a whānau enterprise.

The amount of success steps that you will have to complete depends on the amount of seed funding you are requesting. Proposals up to $2000 receive 4 success steps. Proposals between $2000 - $4000 receive 6 success steps. Proposals between $4000 and $5000 must complete 8 success steps. 

What types of projects will the Generator fund?

The Generator will fund some of the necessary start up costs for any new enterprise. The enterprise must increase income or reduce costs for you, your whānau, family or community.

Can I get funded through the Generator?

The Generator currently funds people with an enterprising idea that will increase their income or reduce their costs. To apply to the fund, you must be eligible to receive a community services card, you must not have already received financial funding or financial assistance from another organization, you are not currently receiving mentorship or internship, you have not and are not currently operating a business e.g selling products/services, you do not have a trust, you live in one of our communities of action. To find out more, get in touch

How much seed funding can I apply for?
You can apply for the amount of funding that you need to get your project up and running. This will vary depending on the size of the project. You can apply for new items to get your project set up, and for the cost of any new ongoing costs for the period of time that it will take you to break even.
Is there a deadline to apply to the fund?

No, you can start a proposal to apply to the fund at any time.

What is a Community Generator and how do I find them?
Your Community Generator is there to help you spark ideas, turn those ideas into a proposal and work through your success steps to get funded. Fill in this form to find out if there is a Community Generator working within your community.
What are success steps?
A success step is a task that you must complete to receive your funding. When you submit a proposal to the Generator, you will receive a list of tasks that will help you get your project off the ground. You and your Community Generator work together to select which of those tasks will become your success steps. Once you have completed all your success steps, you will receive your funding.
Will success steps cost me anything?
In most cases, no. Success steps are created to lay the groundwork in preparation for receiving funding. They will require time, energy and commitment but they will not require any money spent at the outset. For funding requests over $2000 there may be some success steps that have a cost associated with them. However, in these cases you will receive a portion of your funding in advance to cover the costs of completing the success step.
When do I receive funding?
You receive funding after you have finished your success steps and your Community Generator has confirmed that they are complete to an acceptable standard.
What happens after I receive funding?
Having completed your success steps you’ll be ready to get your project up and running. You will still have your tasklist to guide next steps and your Community Generator on hand to help you if you get stuck.
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