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The Generator seed funding release for this 2024 contract period is now CLOSED.

Thank you for your interest. Due to a rapid increase in demand applications for The Generator support and seed funding are now closed until further notice.
If you have any other questions or need assistance, feel free to ask therese.ireland@emergeaotearoa.org.nz, 021 272 0633.

Ko te mutanga oranga, he timatatanga kaha!

Winning starts with beginning!

Dream it
Bring your passion and get inspired about the possible projects you can kickstart to increase income or reduce costs for you, your whānau or your community. All ideas are good! Your local Community Generator can help turn your best idea into a proposal for funding.
Plan it
Plan out your roadmap to success. You and your Community Generator work together to choose the most important early success steps that will help you get your project funding ready. These success steps become the secret to unlocking your funding.
Do it
With your tasklist in hand, start taking the steps towards reaching your goals. Once your success steps are finished and have been checked by your Community Generator, you will receive your funding and you'll be ready to bring your project to life!
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