Expression of interest

The Generator backs Kiwis with enterprising ideas that increase income or reduce costs within their communities. It is the one place where any eligible Kiwi can dream big and receive the seed funding they need to bring that idea to life. You need to have a Community Services Card to apply for funding. Fill out your contact details and a Community Generator will be in touch with you to help get you started.

The Generator Eligibility:

  • For low-income individuals holding a community services card.
  • One startup idea per applicant, which must be a demanded service/product made/delivered by the applicant.
  • A $2000 trial grant is available to test idea.
  • Applicants with mental health and disability challenges are accompanied by their support worker.

Ongoing Funding:

Potential for sustainable enterprise after trial may lead to $3000/$5000 additional funding.

Consideration Criteria:

  • Those in significant hardship and without existing funding are prioritized.
  • Funding is limited to one family member per idea.


  • Excludes individuals already funded by TPK/Foundation North/Pacific Business Trust/Flexiwage etc.
  • One family member at a time to ensure resource fairness.

Funding Limitations:

There are 1.1 million community service card holders. With $550,000 seed funding a year, The Generator can support:

  • 275 trial applicants (0.00025% of community service card holders).
  • OR
  • 110 applicants for ongoing support (0.0001% of community service card holders).

Applications are increasing, with up to 30 per day, but total funding remains fixed.

Trial seed funding is $2000 maximum.

Please email evidence of experience, qualifications and licenses to immediately after you've submitted this application.

Select Trial if you’ve never been funded by The Generator. Select Ongoing if you’ve already received funding from The Generator. Select Response or only on recommendation by your Community Champion.