The Generator enabled Anne Joy Ulaula to improve her wellbeing, finances and quality of life

7th May 2022

Anne Joy Ulaula, Cook Island (Atiu and Mitiaro), Samoan (Vailu'utai) and Tahitian (Tubuai) Invigorated Establishment.

Anne is a young Pasifika designer and seamstress, who prints, cuts and sews her own fabric into a unique range of garments she calls Invigorated Establishment. Like 85% of other Generites, The Generator has helped Anne to extend her creativity as well as improve her financial and personal wellbeing and quality of life.

Facebook – Invigorated

TikTok – anneulaula__

Instagram – invigorated_est21

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Data source: February 2022 Generites National Survey (49% return rate) 

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