How the Generator works
Need more regular income to support your family?
Want a bit more left in your pocket at the end of week?
Want to help reduce living costs for you and your community?
The Generator helps you dream it, plan it and do it.
Get Generator ready

Connect up with your local Community Generator and start brainstorming ideas that will help you, your whānau, family or community earn or save. All ideas are good. Share yours and be inspired by others.

Dream it

Choose your most promising idea. Work with your Community Generator to build your project proposal and calculate the amount of funding you need to bring it to life.

Plan it

Receive your list of tasks and select the most important early success steps that you need to complete to be funding ready. Your success steps are the secret to getting your project funded!

Do it

Start to bring your project to life. Tick off your tasks on your tasklist and let your Community Generator know when you finish each success step. When your Community Generator confirms they are all complete you will receive your funding.

Complete the remaining tasks to stay on track to reach your goal.

Share your story

Successful or not - every project helps our communities learn what it takes to thrive. Share your story and inspire others to seize opportunities.

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