Lameez Salie

30th November 2023

Lameez Salie (South African) Meezies Kitchen (Hamilton) 

As a young migrant Mum with three young children, two of them twin boys, and no family support in Aotearoa; Lameez and her husband agreed she needed to work from home to support the family. Fortunately, she was able to draw on her experience helping in her Mother’s catering business. With The Generator’s help Lameez registered her business and verified her home kitchen to specialise in Halal cuisine and frozen South African inspired Pies, Samosas, Koeksisters. Now a catering supplier to Waikato Hospital for their staff functions, and many regular customers; Meezies Kitchen is booming, contributing to the family’s income and Lameez planning the next stage of business growth. 

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