Paetuia: Lee Williams stitches together a micro-enterprise

Paetuia: Lee Williams stitches together a micro-enterprise
1st April 2021

Paetuia: The Realm of Sewing, Whanganui.

Lee Williams returned to her home town of Whanganui to be close to her children and mokopuna. In the lockdown last year, Lee lost her community employment. She decided the solution was to set up her own micro-enterprise, Paetuia. This enterprise would enable her to weave together her lifetime of skills and experience as a sewer and costume designer, that she could share with her community through face to face and online workshops. The Whanganui community got in behind Lee, provided disused industrial sewing machines and a space. The Generator provided tools, resources and support too. The gift is that the disused space and tables Lee now uses were once occupied by a thriving business, where her Mother worked many years ago‚Ķstanding at the same tables‚Ķ cutting and sewing fabric. 

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