Impact: partnership, contract and futures assured

Impact: partnership, contract and futures assured
29th April 2021

The Generator and LaValla provided the support that has enabled the Kai Sisterz to move from a fledgling part-time catering team in 2020 to a prosperous and sustainable social enterprise today.

April 2020 Lockdown

During 2020 lockdown Kai Sisterz and LaValla worked in partnership with the Generator, Foundation North and the Council to produce 2000 emergency meals a week (approximately 13,000 in total). Above is their story.

Fast forward to April 2021

The partnership has blossomed. Kai Sisterz (Click HERE for their story in Oct 2020) have joined LaValla’s catering team and last week the partnership launched a commercial community kitchen to deliver a full time local community catering contract and provide access for locals.

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