Fa’aulu Tomuli-Afoa
Talofa Lava and warm Pasifika greetings! My name is Fa'aulu Tomuli-Afoa and I'm the Community Generator serving our Pasifika people. Our communities are rich in self taught and passing down of skills, talents and lived experiences. We are passionate about keeping our cultural alive through language, handicraft and traditional wares and food. Preserving these for our future generation is one of the motivations. Our Pasifika peoples are innovators, if we are able to navigate the Pacific Ocean we can translate that to our lives. It is my pleasure to be part of a team that enables our people to bring to life their small business ideas by providing a pathway to turn their ideas and dreams into plans and action through the assistance of the generator seed funding. After a lengthy career in the financial industry, I decided to pursue a change in focus and follow my passion to work in my local community where I could contribute my skills, experiences and passion to contribute to confident and capable communities. I am also a proud member of my Pasifika communities in Auckland and am purpose-driven to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.